Trike Relay Race

Race Information

Date TBD
6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.


Where: Tournament will be held on North Main Street off of the square. Click here for directions.


  • 15 and under
  • 16 and up

Contact: Brad Cuttill 864-366-5007

The course of the race will measure 90 feet, or 30 yards per length. Tricycles will be provided for you.

Abbeville Spring Festival Trike Race Registration Form

Abbeville Spring Festival Trike Relay Race

Trike Race Rules and Regulations

  • Tricycles will be provided for you.
  • There will be 2 divisions that teams can compete in. 15 and under and 16 and up.
  • Each team will consist of 4 riders. (Alternates are allowed, but only 4 riders will compete per heat)
  • Heats will be determined at random
  • The course of the race will measure 90 feet, or 30 yards per length.
  • There will be 2 teams competing per heat. A heat will consist of the following:
    • 2 team members will begin at the end of the “arena” and the other 2 team members will begin at the opposite end.
    • At the sound of the horn, the first rider will bike to the opposite end, remaining seated on the trike the en-tire way, and will pass the trike to a waiting team member once the entire trike has crossed the finish line.
    • This will be repeated back and forth until all 4 members of the team have completed their leg of the race.
    • The first team to finish the race will advance to the next heat. (Depending on how many teams are signed up, there will be a double elimination tournament or pool play options.)
  • There will be officials at the start and finish line of each lane to ensure that the trike completely passes the line while the rider remains seated on the trike. There will be officials staggered along the course to make sure the rider remains seated the entire time.
  • Proper footwear is required such as sneakers (no cleats, sandals, or open toed shoes).
  • If an official calls a violation, a five-second penalty will be added to the team’s time. Officials make the final call.
  • Rider must propel the tricycle him or herself.
  • Rider must remain seated. For example, “side saddle” riding is allowed as long as the rider remains fully seated, also “shuffling” using feet instead of pedals or pedaling are acceptable forms of riding. NO RIDING BACK-WARDS. (Riders may not lift/carry the tricycle to run or walk with it.
  • No tricycle modifications except for adjusting the seats and handlebars.
  • Bikes can only be exchanged between heats.

Have Fun!